Only when the mind is still, tranquil, not expecting or grasping or resisting a single thing, is it possible to see what is true. It’s the truth that liberates; it is not your effort to be free. 

A state where your mind is clear of all thoughts, all concepts, is simply still. The monks would call it meditation; the athlete, the chef, the artist would all call it flowstate, and the scientist calls it a high combination of alpha and theta brain waves.

In collaboration with BE Cafe – a space for mind, body, and soul – we present to you our experience in Nepal where you will be able to express yourself freely. 

During the experience in Nepal, you will trek the Panchassee Trail, absorbing your surroundings of endless snow-dusted mountain views and lush green forests. You will learn to express yourself through mindfulness workshops, music, and “flow” activities, while you self-explore, reflect, and meditate.

Camping in the mountains will push you to delve deep within yourself, challenging you to come out of your comfort zone physically, emotionally, and mentally.