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Moments in Srilanka

This video and the photos were shot during our Sri Lanka experience in January, 2018. It was a volunteering/adventure experience to do some restoration in a sports complex that support the villagers; as well as volunteering in girls orphanage home.…

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Due to its geography, Sri Lanka is often referred to as ‘The Pearl’ of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is a popular touristic destination known for its rich beaches, tropical forests, exotic waterfalls, and inspiring mountain ranges. Regardless of its beauty, there's a deep need to assist the Sri Lankans, particularly those who have suffered…

Udawalawe National Park

During our Sri Lanka experience, we went to Udawalawe National Park. Udawalawe is undoubtedly the best place in Sri Lanka to see wild Asian Elephants throughout the year. There are about 500 elephants in the park and they often roam in herds of up to 100! Wild Water Buffalos can be witnessed in plenty at…

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