We design and document experiences around the world.


‘Into The Unlimited’ in Nepal

This experience was a collaboration with ‘Be Cafe’ in February, 2020. Camping in the Himalayas allowed us to all retreat from our busy lives and simply be. We were being ourselves, and holding space for others to be themselves. Go through the photos to re-live the moments we were in.…

Feed Your Soul in Morocco

The ‘Feed Your Soul’ experience encompasses many adventures within one trip. We did not only experience the authentic Moroccan life, but we truly lived it as one of the locals.  Starting off in Al-Hosn Village in Mawlah Abdessalam, we lived together in the home of the Al-Karmoun family; farming, cooking, wandering in the forests and…

Be Cafe experience in Nepal

In November 2018, we designed experience in Nepal in collaboration with Be Cafe. They are a wellbeing space in Kuwait, they helped us to provide workshops, activities, and meditation during our camping trip in the Himalayas. “It was an eye-opening experience for me. It was my first time facilitating a group experience for 10 days.…

What makes you happy?

On January 2018, we visited Anula Orphanage in Sri Lanka. After spending the day playing with kids, we asked them to draw what makes them happy. We then came back home and collaborated with Prnt to design a journal with the kids’ drawings. And as a result, the ‘Think Yellow’ campaign began!…

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