OX Adventure anticipates a movement amongst people after participating in an experience, coming out of it with a newfound respect towards humanity, nature, and equality.

OX Adventure is a community organization that started in December, 2013. We focus on being the bridge between the people and the world, through volunteer work, explorations, and stepping out of our comfort zone.

OX Adventure focuses on raw experiences, to allow you to look through the locals’ lens. Culture exchange is a big part of what we believe in. Our experiences are led by the people of the country itself, not organizations. OX also emphasizes the aspect of community; acknowledging that each person, with their unique talents, has a part to play in this world.

Now, OX has designed and documented 50+ experiences. Our trips have developed into accredited internship programs in several universities. OX Adventure could be supported either through sponsorships or through people who apply for the experiences. We offer trips to the public, schools, universities and businesses.

Our Values

​We believe that OX Adventure enables people to make a positive difference in both local communities and in their own lives.  Working directly with locals of the country itself ensures all of our experiences are identified and managed by local communities; and that the experiences are useful, meaningful, and sustainable.

We believe that OX Adventure can enable people to learn new skills, gain confidence and have new perspectives on life through culture exchange. Our experiences bring together people from different countries and social backgrounds, which leads to the appreciation of all of our similarities and differences.

We are working to ensure OX Adventure opportunities are accessible to all people that come from different walks of life. Whether unemployed, studying, or working, we believe that everyone has something to offer and something to gain. Check our Scholarships page to discover what is available for you.

Mission And Vision

Our mission is to uplift people through volunteering, adventure, and transformational experiences. We aim to enrich our community by offering unique, real-world experiences; and providing a way to utilize their talents and educational skills outside the classroom, workspace, or even the perceived limits of their own minds.
Our vision is to make positive changes in the world; to lead our own lives and communities around us to grow and progress towards a better future.

Change Your World

We believe that by exposing ourselves to different cultures around the world, and by being out of our comfort zone, we would gain a wider perspective of the world outside of our lives.
Guiding our community through certain ways of traveling, unseen by tourists, and by doing something meaningful, will enable us to guide our own lives in a meaningful way.