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Feed Your Soul in Morocco

The ‘Feed Your Soul’ experience encompasses many adventures within one trip. We did not only experience the authentic Moroccan life, but we truly lived it as one of the locals.  Starting off in Al-Hosn Village in Mawlah Abdessalam, we lived together in the home of the Al-Karmoun family; farming, cooking, wandering in the forests and…

Beauty of Tangier, Morocco

A beautiful, vibrant city in northern Morocco, Tangier holds charm for travelers from all over the world. This port city is always lively, and filled with unique and authentic Moroccan experiences. For any visitor looking to experience the Moroccan lifestyle, Tangier can’t be missed on your trip to Morocco. Tangier is a Mediterranean gem. With its…

Exploring Morocco

Two members of the OX Team decided to travel to Morocco to design an experience. Till this day, they never forgot how this magical country welcomed them with its magnificent culture and beauty. Since that trip, and we have been obsessed with Morocco.…