Morocco is a place very close to our hearts, a place we’ve travelled to many times, and a place that feels like home. The feeling of home grew on our journey there and manifested in a unique way. We started our experience at % Arabica Casablanca, and planned to road trip up to the North, to the Rif Mountains. Little did we know what was ahead.

Since we were traveling Morocco during the pandemic, most of the Hotels and Airbnbs’ were not operating. Even exploring Fez and its art scene was restricting, since not all places were open. We definitely felt different this time around. So we decided to take it slow; finding a house in the Blue City, Chefchaoen, to settle into and simply live life. We didn’t know how long we would stay for, but we were okay with the uncertainty and abundance of time; Chaouen is the spot we resonated with the most.

In Morocco we stopped celebrating being busy, as a measurement of achievement. We instead celebrated how much time we had spent listening, wandering, meditating and enjoying the present moment. For some reason, time did not exist there, we flowed with everyday life and were in awe with its beauty.

We connected with Morocco’s culture and lifestyle so much, to the point where our wonder took us to a place in the mind where we wanted to settle down here. To have a land, nurture it, live in it, and keep doing what we have been doing in the past 3 months. We became so familiar with the town, where to get the best olives, bread, food, plates, Jillabiyas, everything! The idea of getting a land made us road trip a lot between Chefchaoen and Tangier, spending three hours each direction in reflection.

Then we travelled south to Dakhla, Western Sahara; it’s an exceptional spot to learn Kite surfing. It has more than 300 windy days per year; thanks to the wind, the ocean, surrounding cliffs, and the inner bay that is formed by the Rio de Oro peninsula. It’s a spot protected from the strong swells and the heat of the desert climate, creating an extraordinary place, to the point where it became the stage of the world kite surfing championships.

We did explore the idea of getting a land in Morocco, almost making it a reality, but life had other plans for us. Certain circumstances forced us out of Morocco and into a place of the unknown. A place that Ox never stepped its feet in before.