With all the corona restrictions taking place around the world, it was useless to travel to major cities. We flew to Lebanon and went to Jabal Al-Shouf, to reunite with our friends. We leased a lovely mountain house there, since it’s one of our favorite areas to experience authentic Lebanese life. We connected with their well-maintained Cedar Nature Reserve and nourished our souls with fresh local vegetables and fruits.

The first day we arrived, we saw these words hung and framed in our friends living room:

إنَّما الدُّنيا حلم، والآخرة يقظة، والموت متوسط ونحن في أضغاث أحلام .

ومن حاسبَ نفسَهُ ربِحَ، ومنْ غفَلَ عنها خَسِرَ، ومن نظرَ في العواقِبِ نجا، ومنْ أطاعَ هواهُ ضلَّ، ومنْ حَلُمَ غَنِمَ، ومن خافَ سَلِمَ، ومن اعتبَرَ أبصَرَ، ومنْ أبْصَرَ فهِمَ، ومنْ فهِمَ علِمَ، ومنْ علِمَ عمِلَ، فإذا زللْتَ فارجِع، وإذا ندمتَ فأقلِعْ، وإذا جهِلْتَ فاسأل، وإذا غضبتَ فأمْسِك، واعلم أنَّ أفضلَ الأعمالِ ما أكْرهت النفوسُ عليهِ. اذا وقعت عينكُ على صاحبِ ذنب فلا يقعُ في نفسكَ العزة وأنك خَيْرٌ منه هو فُتن و أنت برحمةِ الله نَجوت فادْعو له بالهدايةِ و لنفسكَ بالثبات

It’s a message from Hasan Al-Basri to Umar ibn Abd Al-Aziz, two notable influencers of the second generation in Islamic history. He was explaining life and death.

During our stay in Al-Shouf, we met many incredible people who were true to themselves. They taught us to endure and enjoy life even in the harsh times, to be in the present and to celebrate together as a family.

With all the destruction, inflation, and political issues in Lebanon, we found hope. The spirit of their new generation, revolution, authenticity, and simplicity in living life, was present during our experience in Al-Shouf.

After two magical months in Lebanon, Morocco opened its borders to the public!

Guess what we did?