Written by Hamad Alshakhs

We spent three days in volunteering work, those three days are the days I enjoyed the most and I got to work with the lovely kids. I still remember a girl, her name is ‘Sweety’, wherever we go, we would find this little girl! I don’t know if she’s sneaking out of her classes or what but she always kept us company and for some reason, she wanted to help us in everything we do. “Yam3wda la tet3wrain” la mako ela I work with u. She even helped us in lifting and moving the blocks!

And for the other days of the trip, we went trekking in Pokhara; that’s where we made the best memories. We met Yogish there, he was our yoga instructor. We started every day with some yoga and stretches. The first day was the hardest, I almost gave up on that day. I still remember Abdulwahab, who was motivating me “man just keep going we’ll find some orange at the end of the road.” For some reason, he seduced me with that, and the idea of chilling on the ground resting and having this orange kept me motivated. The funny thing is, that made me survive the hike. We found cows everywhere! We were saying that if they can do it (I mean the cows) why can’t I?
I have learnt a lot from this trip, and the first thing I learned is how to be thankful for whatever I have. I mean before the trip I used to look at the things that other people have and be like ‘why don’t I have this thing?’ I used to look at my glass as half empty and after this trip, I look at my glass as half full. It taught me how to not be materialistic and appreciate the things that I have. It made me thankful for the things I took for granted.

In conclusion, I can safely say that I am a much better person today than I was before the trip. Also, I would like to thank OX Adventure for this unforgettable life-changing experience, which I recommend to anyone and everyone.