What am I living for? What’s my purpose?

We always ask ourselves this question or let’s just say, I always ask myself this question. And it always seems like I don’t have a proper answer for it, other than I want to live. So I had to look more, search for more questions and read more answers. I had to listen to what the universe is trying to tell me and let my mind connect to it. Life seemed meaningless without any challenges, boring without any adventures. Deeper I had to look, within, and there it was all this time. Deep down, covered by materialistic interests, hidden under what we’ve taught and told by the society. What’s normal and what’s not, what’s accepted and what’s not. Who’s part of the system and who’s considered an outlaw? Since then, I never came out the same, I became and still becoming, I’m in the process, I’m developing and growing… What’s your purpose?

Written by: Ahmed Alrefai

Director: Rebecca Morandi