In Georgia, we discovered a corner of Europe as glorious as the Alps yet far less known, on this unusual adventure in the Republic of Georgia. The North Caucasus Mountains are the centerpiece of this small country, rising above 16,000 feet in a 750-mile serrated line between the Black and Caspian seas. Along this historical and geographic divide between Europe and Asia, we find remarkable biodiversity, some of the world’s oldest vineyards, and an ancient culture steeped in tradition. Georgia’s people are as captivating as it peaks, welcoming visitors with poetry, song, and hospitality that will steal your heart.

Have you ever seen the black rocks on the light blue water? We hiked to the wild border of Georgia and Russia on the great Caucasus Mountains Range. We looked around above the clouds, swam under high waterfalls, and slept under the stars.

The participants were tested on practical ways of surviving in the wild. They learned how to choose a route by its complexity, handles it depending on weather conditions and how to build fires, put up tents, and find the place to camp, cook easy but nutritious meals, use a compass, map, GPS, and more. This experience helps individuals work well as team members as they have to collaborate to overcome extreme conditions and at the same time to relax and enjoy nature.