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Nadia In Nepal

We took these photos during our Nepali event at Bait Lothan, where Nadia Alsomali shared her experience in Nepal. Written by Nadia Alsomali, “The thing about the trip to Nepal that is different from other trips i’ve taken, is that no one single moment stands out. Whenever I am asked about the trip, I find…

Painting and books!

In collaboration with 'Q8 Books', a non-profit library in Kuwait, we put together a library for the children to engage in; they also provided textbooks for all ages. In collaboration with 'Teachers Cellar', a teacher resource supply company in Kuwait, we were able to donate resources to help aid the teachers in educating the students…


It is said that happiness begins with contentment. Perhaps those less fortunate have mastered this tactic—the very same tactic that the privileged seem to find nearly impossible. More is the only way in most people’s eyes. It's a harsh reality, but it's true. When was the last time you did something for the first time?…