In our second experience with AUKause, we traveled to a village that is located in the Southern region of Srilanka. There are natural resources such as forest and an abundance of land soil ideally suited for agriculture. The school is 3.5km away from the Indian Ocean; It was extremely affected by the Tsunami. The project is to develop a Library in Kinishtha Vidyalaya School and donate books for the existing Library. This school has a library but it’s very basic with a few books, we donated books and shoes to all the students (91 students).

The students are from a very poor background who have come from all over Sri Lanka. These people traveled south to be given a plot of land to which they could build a home. These houses are mostly made from mud. The main livelihoods of the villagers are cultivation and labor work. Target families are mostly farmers and daily wage laborers. The village is under the poverty line, the sanitation and livelihood are in low conditions, and the people face problems in earning sufficient income due to the unavailability of basic tools and investment to start efficient and sustainable income-generating activities.