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Traveling during the Pandemic: Part 3

Morocco is a place very close to our hearts, a place we’ve travelled to many times, and a place that feels like home. The feeling of home grew on our journey there and manifested in a unique way. We started our experience at % Arabica Casablanca, and planned to road trip up to the North,…

Traveling during the Pandemic: Part 1

Since 2013, we try to offer new profound experiences each year. The year 2020 was tough, a total shutdown for the travel industry. We spent hours watching the horrific news with fear. We covered our faces with masks to be safe, hoping the pandemic will end soon. We decided to not do it again this…

‘Into The Unlimited’ in Nepal

This experience was a collaboration with ‘Be Cafe’ in February, 2020. Camping in the Himalayas allowed us to all retreat from our busy lives and simply be. We were being ourselves, and holding space for others to be themselves. Go through the photos to re-live the moments we were in.…