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Camping in the Arctic Circle

In this trip for the public, we flew high up into the Arctic Circle to Tromsø, and turned our stay into arctic nights to remember. We camped for three days in a traditional Lavvu tent, where we slept in winter sleeping bags on top of several skins. During our camping experience, we had the chance…

The Sámi experience in Norway

The Sámi are the indigenous people of Scandinavia and have been living and working with reindeers for centuries. They have countless generations of knowledge and experience with this fascinating and charming creature, the reindeers have helped them survive life in the cold and extreme nature of the north. The reindeer is the true hero of…

Dog sledding in Norway

Dogs have always been an important part of society, and that is perhaps truer in the arctic more than anywhere else in the world. Their thick fur and padded paws made them well-designed to survive and thrive in the cold and snow. Because of this, dogs have had a huge hand in helping shape life…

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