Ecuador Experience

July 14th – 23rd, 2022

9,150 SR (Shared Room) – 11,600 SR (Private Room)
(Limited Spots)



July 14th – 23rd, 2022

Our life is a masterpiece. A beautiful work-in-progress that we are constantly refining and evolving, as we learn new lessons and techniques for bringing forth our greatest potential. 

In collaboration with Meraki Artisan, we’ve designed an experience in Ecuador to help you explore your inner world through expressing, creating, immersing in nature  and connecting with yourself and others using different mediums.

During this experience, you will tap into all of your senses, from exploring one of the most biodiverse country in the world, to tasting local chocolate and smelling fresh coffee. We will learn about the history of Cacao, participate in different coffee workshops, hike between the clouds in the magical Ecuadorian highlands, learn how to surf and experience a traditional temezcal ceromony. 

This experience is designed to give you more knowaldege about proccessing coffee and Cacao, and to help you strip down materialistic views to explore the world within. 

If you take part in this experience, you will most likely not return home the same.



(Guayaquil, Montanita, Ayampe, Cuenca) 


July 14th – 23rd, 2022






Ecuadorian history


Accommodation for four nights at the retreat center in Montanita, Ecuador. 

Accommodation for two nights in a hotel in Guayaquil.

Accommodation for three nights in a colonial house in Cuenca.

Hiking in the Cajun national park.

3 special Cacao Ceremonies to open the heart.

Classes, workshops, adventures everyday.

Most meals are included, which are fresh, organic, and made with care. 

All transportation during the experience.

Price of the experience:

Shared: 9,150 Saudi Riyal

Private: 11,600 Saudi Riyal

Who is this trip for?

– A call to retreat & recharge
– Interested in learning more about coffee and cacao
– Wanting a pause from the Corona madness


The Ecuador experience is a special place to learn and explore coffee and cacao in the most raw and delicious way (and what’s a better combination than coffee and cacao?).  The coffee you will taste will be one of the most diverse and complex because of all the different regions in Ecuador.

Cacao has a history in Ecuador dated back to more than 5000 years ago, which was the first known place where they used to consume it. It will be an experience unlike any other to connect to the cacao tree and feel the effects of drinking and eating it. In addition to exploring coffee and cacao, we will do many other activities to experience Ecuador; such as Temazcal, Surfing, Qigong, Yoga, River hike, Cultural tours around Guayaquil & Cuenca, hiking in a beautiful national park, and more.

We will be spending our experience in Guayaquil, Montanita, Ayampe and Cuenca. 


We are a community organization that focuses on personal growth through different experiences. During the Ecuador experience, we will explore the origins and the process of making coffee and cacao, from experts in the field. We will be your guides from the moment we pick you up from the airport, to the time you leave. Although this is a guided group experience, know that you have the freedom to have some space and time for yourself. The Ecuador experience is a time for you to retreat, recharge, learn new knowledge, enjoy nature and experience a different culture.

This experience is not a touristic trip, it’s a transformational experience that you will never forget.


  • Arrive to Guayaquil International Airport
  • Airport pick-up to Manglaralto (2:30 hr drive)
  • Bonefire & experience introduction
  • Overnight at our retreat center
  • Yoga & Meditation session
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Temezcal Ceremony (Sweat lodge)
  • Watch the sunset at Montanita beach
  • Explore the town of Montanita
  • Qigong session
  • Ecuadorian coffee workshop
  • Surfing session in Ayampe
  • Dinner & Music in Bhakti House
  • Yoga & Meditation session
  • Field visit to a Coffee farm
  • River adventure & birdwatching
  • Cacao Ceremony at the beach
  • Beach mandala & music
  • Group community dinner
  • Drive to Guayaquil (2:30 hr drive)
  • Visit the Cacao and Chocolate Museum
  • Cultural tour in the city
  • Dinner with the locals
  • Drive to Churute Ecological Reserve
  • A full-day field visit to a Cacao farm and learning about the Cacao Route
  • Dinner in the city
  • Drive to Cuenca (1:30hr drive)
  • Cultural tour in Cuenca, the colonial city
  • Visit the craft village & the local market
  • Overnight in Cuenca

Full day adventure in Cajas National Park

Hike the Cerro San Luis Loop

  • Free day
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Closing circle & Farewell dinner
  • Drive back to Guayaquil International Airport
  • Fly back home



All passport holders visiting Ecuador for up to 90 days, 

do not need a visa to enter Ecuador.

All Travelers over 3 years old have the option to either present their full COVID-19 vaccination certificate (i.e. both doses for those vaccinations which consist of two doses), received at least 14 days prior the flight date, or a negative RT-qPCR test , taken up to 72 hours prior to boarding their flight.

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