Each day begins with a meditative sitting in nature, as we gradually reveal the natural conversation around us and what it means. As you move deeper into this great wild conversation, it becomes apparent just how connected it is, and how it crosses the species’ boundaries. In many ways, it is the original worldwide web of information.

Then, we took the peace with us and moved off into nature on daily quests. It guided us in choosing and creating our own ‘medicine spot’, after the manner of the Native Americans. It is here that the real magic happens, as you realize that the supernatural is no more than super nature and that you are an indivisible part of it.

As well as immersing ourselves in nature, we were nourishing our bodies with beautiful, organic, and seasonal food, supplemented with wild food that we find. The water was taken directly from the mountain spring where it flows from the rocks; aromatic herbs also were collected to use around our camp.

We were taught how to make a fire on day one. Each day after that, Neil, the wilderness expert, pushed us to depend on ourselves to make the fire. We ended our experience with a beautiful fire ceremony.

We also learnt the basics of shelter, how to use a knife, and how to make bread in the wild. It was an enriching experience full of knowledge.

This was an extraordinary journey which left us feeling refreshed and reconnected to the great beauty that surrounds us, and to that which lies within.