The Feed Your Soul experience entails many adventures within one trip. You will not only experience the authentic Moroccan life, but you will truly live it as one of the locals. 

Starting off in Al Hosn Village in Mawlah Abdessalam, we lived together in the home of Al Karmoun family, farming, cooking, taking the goats and cattle out to graze, wandering in the forest and much more.

During our time in the village, The Longtable joined us to help cook 1,000 meals to all the members of the village and the nearby villages. This project helped us develop our cooking skills, how to co-operate with a team, and how to be mindful in the now. 

We then head to Chefchaouen, Morocco’s Blue City. We stayed in a beautiful traditional Moroccan house nestled in the Rif Mountains, overlooking the distinct blue and white cluster of homes and buildings. 

This is when we relaxed and dug deeper into ourselves. Many activities and workshops were given through different mediums like art and meditation.

This is an experience where we returned back home not the same.