Our CSR – Community Social Responsibility

Our goal is to make our experiences accessible to as many people as possible, to support each other as a community regardless of our color, gender, and class. These opportunities will change depending on our experiences.

CSR opportunities will provide special discounts or sometimes even full sponsorships for the experience. Everyone should be able to have an opportunity to travel and experience a life beyond their imagination.


An Actor

We design experiences and always document them. We love to capture emotions and moments, to share them with the world. We are looking for someone passionate to be in front of the camera and share their voice. By the end of the trip, we will have documented your adventures throughout the experience, which are golden memories that we will share with the world.

Financial support

One of our missions is to provide our experiences to people who may not be able to afford it; to make it accessible to anyone. We would love to give a special price to whoever can prove that they have financial difficulties. In exchange with a written story about your experience with us, and for you to express and share your interests or hobbies both with us, and with the world!

Let’s go to an adventure together!