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The OX Summit

Climbing one of the Seven Summits is no small thing, keep in mind that there was once a time, where you thought that even that was an impossible task. Yet here you are, a summiteer of Mt. Kilimanjaro, with stories, memories, and friendships that were forged on the face of the mountain. What we aim…

Elbrus Experience

There are many reasons why people look to the mountains for answers. Sometimes it's a quest of self-discovery and self-actualization. In a setting that is both unforgiving yet non-judgmental. We are offered an opportunity to test our limits. Bear in mind that opportunity is always within reach, whether an individual chooses to take this opportunity,…

Zooky in Elbrus

Abdulrazzaq Almojalhem is a mountaineer from Kuwait with a dream to climb the Seven Summits. He was sent by OX to climb the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus. After his success in climbing the summit, Zooky guided 25 climbers to climb Mount Elbrus in August 2017.…