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‘Express Yourself’ in Nepal

Only when the mind is still, tranquil, not expecting, grasping or resisting a single thing, is it possible to see what is true. It’s the truth that liberates. A state where your mind is clear of all thoughts, all concepts, is simply still. The monks would call it meditation; the athlete, the chef, the artist…

Feed Your Soul in Morocco

The ‘Feed Your Soul’ experience encompasses many adventures within one trip. We did not only experience the authentic Moroccan life, but we truly lived it as one of the locals.  Starting off in Al-Hosn Village in Mawlah Abdessalam, we lived together in the home of the Al-Karmoun family; farming, cooking, wandering in the forests and…

Faisal in Nepal

During our ‘Experience The Now’ trip in Nepal, we asked Faisal a series of questions about life. Watch the video to hear the meaningful insights he has to share. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B0qkKZxn96S/…